Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Trip To National Museum

Cave Painting / Lukisan Gua

What so interesting about this is that....People from century ago already start finding way to mark them-self in the future. What they paint is telling story of maybe a war between tribe and so much more to be explore. Well there are also different art style?? if you goggle "Cave Painting". There are Egyptian, Asian, and so on.... Much to explore, much to preserve.

From The Beginning of Life on Earth

(Correct me if I'm Wrong)
From the very beginning. Earth it self only have 1 continent and 1 sea. After a decade... Where earth go through some changes. Earthquake, natural disaster and it slowly separate the earth into different continent and this is what we get today. So what if the earth still 1 ? Will we have just 1 language ? 1 currency ? 1 skin color ? of course that is out of topic...

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