Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Trip To National Museum

Cave Painting / Lukisan Gua

What so interesting about this is that....People from century ago already start finding way to mark them-self in the future. What they paint is telling story of maybe a war between tribe and so much more to be explore. Well there are also different art style?? if you goggle "Cave Painting". There are Egyptian, Asian, and so on.... Much to explore, much to preserve.

From The Beginning of Life on Earth

(Correct me if I'm Wrong)
From the very beginning. Earth it self only have 1 continent and 1 sea. After a decade... Where earth go through some changes. Earthquake, natural disaster and it slowly separate the earth into different continent and this is what we get today. So what if the earth still 1 ? Will we have just 1 language ? 1 currency ? 1 skin color ? of course that is out of topic...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Layout (a.e.i.o.u Studio)

Art stlye is basically follow back at their original website art style. They uses black stroke, i indicate into my design. I havn't add color.

As for the Home page. I added a big promotion banner where user will see when they open log into the website. Also have some tab. Which is New, Tips and Event. Where user can click and will direct the user to the page linked.
New, where the page showing New Product
Tips, video on how to wrap a present?? how to decorate a present with ribbon and so on...
Event., up coming event

In the Product page. there will be a moving panorama moving side way with the hottest item on the market. This will tell user which item have the most people bought. Also there will be a side category bar where user can choose the category and view the picture according to the category chosen.

Strategic Brief & Mood Board

Project Definition:
To redesign the a.e.i.o.u Studio website. To help enhance the website by improving own their design, interaction flow and usability.

Current Site Analysis Goals:
Currently the website is just give a little information on what the Studio is about. And also show casing some of their product. User also able to get "Up Coming Event" from this website too.

Client's Analysis:
Is a gift products company that sell wide range of items. From: Boxes, greeting cards, wrapping paper to so much more.

Target Audience:
Young adults 14-21.

Competitor's Analysis:
-Design on their website mostly towards clean layout
-News product will be on the main page
-Categorize neatly in the product page

Idea & Concept Implementation:
Their art style is pretty good, it just that they didn't use that art style throughout the website. Will be using their art style to redesign the website.

Remove the splash page, and change it to a Promotion Page. Where there are promotions, sales, top product. Will be on the 1st page of the website.

In the product page. Create a side category and picture will be show in the middle of the page.

"Point of Purchase" will be change to "Where To Buy"


Mood Board

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beautiful Commercial Website


The artstyle of this website is certainty very unusual because of the influence of the product. There are options to change the language, but the position of that is a little bit weak. Interaction flow is clear, button is clear. Product page, show a big picture of the product for user to see.



The design of the website is clean cut, looks like very professional. They also applied the idea of "above the fold" and "under the fold". Just need to add some roll over effect on the some of the button, it will be much better. Usability is good


Baskin Robbins

Pretty fun website, interesting design on navigation button. With alittle movement on some of the graphic, make the website more attractive. Roll over effect also play an important role in this website. Flow of the website is smooth.

Website Photoshop Tutorials





HTML Tutorials

1.) This teach how to create a Menu Bar

2.) This teach how to create a more instresting design of scrooling


HTML Tutorials Website




Competitors Website


The white space is too much in some of the page, will affect the user thinking the website is too empty. When the user click into a product. The page is totally different than the home page. But this website clearly show the design of the wrapping paper.

Paper Mart

The color is quite unfamiliar to me. I personally think the website is weak. With no typo treatment, and the arangement of the Layout is very messy. The side, when the page is long enought, when scrooling down it will follow the scrooll bar as you scroll down. Is a pretty usefull tricks, but I think they use it in the wrong way


NOBLE Pakaging

Because this website is a international website. When a use go into the website, it ask the user to pick 1 out of 3 country to change the currency of the prize. User friendly website, user know where to click, where to go.


Emma K

This website is clean and with the touch of pink, it give a homey fell into the website. The menu button bar, the words inside can't really read. Because of the noisy background and the color combination. The navigation is quite clear.